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How We Will Allocate Funds Raised:

The commercial real estate property we are pursuing to secure for our charity work is 2,700 square feet, with the possibility for us to take possession of an additional 2,000 square feet in the near future if needed for production of our Soaps4hope.


This property is a former bank.  It was completely renovated by a former restaurant owner, who gutted it out and installed two commercial kitchen sinks.  Perfect for our soap making!!!  


Currently the owner is asking for $10 per square foot for the commercial property.  This would be $2,700 a month for us to rent this commercial space, however, if we pay him the cash up front, we can secure the 24 month lease at $1,800 per month.

It is our intentions to purchase this building from the owner who is currently asking for $500,000 for the entire structure.  It is a 'mini' plaza, facilitating three separate units.  Only one is currently occupied.  We plan to continue fundraising  to offer the owner $250,000 cash.  God willing.

These Are Our Current Estimates for

securing a 24 month lease and renovations

as of 08/13/18:​

24 Month Commercial Lease  =           $43,200

Two New Professional Signs:  =   

Curb & Building (Installed)                        5,000

Ceiling Light Fixtures & Installation         2,300     

New Soap Racks                                          1,100

2 New Laptops for Operations                  1,200

Build Work Space Counter Tops               3,000

Commercial Non-Slip Area Rugs               $750

Paint & Supplies                                          2,300

Install Supply Shelving                                2,800

Install Outgoing Mail Shelving                   2,800

Install Soap Display Units                           2,250

5 Rolling Chairs                                               800

Re-paint and Line Parking Lot                   3,000

Postal Scale & Printer                                 1,200

Interior Design                                             2,300

                                                    TOTAL = $74,000

Thank you in advance for supporting our mission to spread hope with our soaps throughout America.  We Love You!


Front Area Kitchen


Back Area Kitchen

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