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January & February 2021

Last Update 02/21/21

Abbey R., California

Amanda F., Pennsylvania

Angel C., Florida

Andrea S., Ohio

Anna S., Texas

Antoinette G., Minnesota

April C., Nevada

Asia S., Minnesota

Ashley Q., Washington D. C.

Brandin S., Ohio

Brandy S., Michigan

Cardesha C., Illinois

Cardesha S., Minnesota

Carolee C., Massachusetts

Cheryl C., Utah

Cheryl L., Indiana

Cheryl W., Maryland

Chianti K., Virginia

Christine S., South Carolina

Clarice S., TX

Claudia W., Arizona

Chloe R., Tennessee 

Daneta W., Ohio

Daniella C., Connecticut

Darrin H., Ohio

Derrick F., Florida

Diana L., California

Diane M., Mississippi

Dishea P., Mississippi

Dominique J., Minnesota

Fannta D., Arizona

Felicia M., Ohio

Felisa P., Georgia

Frances H., California

Frederick C., Alabama

Gigi H., Ohio

Greg M., New Jersey

Hannah L., North Carolina

Helen D., New York

Isaiah J., Florida

Jacquleen E., Indiana

Jasmine W., Arizona

Jaunita M., Georgia

Jerrica L.. Arizona

Jessica D., North Carolina

Jessica L., Arizona

Jessica L., California

Jessica M., Georgia

Jillian O., California

Jimilia J., New Jersey

Johnnarian T., Texas

Joylynn T., Arizona

Keith H., Alabama

Kia C., Minnesota

Kim J., Pennsylvania

Lakeshia R., North Carolina

Larissa S., Maryland

Lateefah C., North Dakota

Lateefia S., Indiana

Latoya J., Texas

Lera D., Texas

Lestio F., Georgia

Larissa S., Maryland

Lateefah C., North Dakota

Lateefia S., Indiana

Latoya J., Texas

Lera D., Texas

Lestio F., Georgia

Lisa C., Georgia

Luis T., Illinois

Lumengo M., Michigan

Malta N., Florida

Mara C., Maryland

Maria B., Texas

Marina R., North Carolina

Melba M., North Carolina

MeMe F., Georgia

Merville S. Iowa

Mica L., Ohio

Miguel C., Florida

Mike C., Virginia

Morenike K., New York

Morgan T., New York

Muriel J., Texas

Nadine L., Arizona

Nefretiri P., California


Nickesha L., Connecticut

Nikitah L., Texas

Pamela S., South Carolina

Priscilla H., Arizona

Quana B., Florida

Rakaisha H., California

Raven H., Alabama

Regina W., Georgia

Renita S., Illinois

Rhonda F., Florida

Rhonda G., South Carolina

Rita M., California

Roniece T., Florida

Ruben J., California

Ruby D., Ohio

Samantha M., Virginia

Seneca W., Texas

Shannon T., Alabama

Shante A., Washington D. C.

Sharon T., Texas

Shavon F., Arizona

Shaylyn H., Colorado

Sherissa G., Ohio

Shiloh T., Hawaii

Shannon T., Alabama

Shumeka M., California

Tamica B., Virginia

Tanya F., Massachusetts

Tatum W., Kentucky

Terese H., North Carolina

Tericia L., Arizona

Theresa C., South Carolina

Tiffany C., Georgia

Tiffany M., Minnesota

Tokisha G., South Carolina

Toni H., South Carolina

Tracey J., Florida

Tranae B., North Carolina

Tyra F., Maryland

Valarie S., Maryland

Verlean F., South Carolina

Verna W., New York

Wanda M., Texas

Waterich R., Virginia

Xenia B., VA

Yolanda S., Arkansas



Nanjemoy, MD

March,  2021

Thank you for the shirt "Faith over Fear." The perfect size XL. I was touched by the entire gift, From opening the Foral shipping envelope, so beautiful.  The pretty card note - little confetti crosses and the big Butterfly and and the scented fragrance sprang afreshed in the atmosphere.  Also the  ' Bloom from Within' wall decor included. 

All these surprises were within this beautiful small package.  I'm quietly elated....I'm grateful and this made me feel really nice and good. I appreciate you/your team for taking time to be thoughtful and caring for me.... for others. I thank you much. You guys are very special and I'm grateful to God that He created you all❣


Rhonda & Bryce

Philadelphia, PA

February, 2021

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't believe how beautiful a gift this is. Thank you so much. I had no idea we would receive something so thoughtful. I really appreciate your kindness. I have already started making a board of encouragement on the wall where Bryce sits for school each day. I believe with my whole heart that God has a hand in Bryce's life and that he is covered.


Thank you again and again for this act of kindness. I can't stop the tears from filling my eyes.

Ruben, His Sister and Nephew

San Pedro, CA

February, 2021

Thank you HandmadeSoaps4Hope for the random acts of kindness.  Much needed and appreciated. 😍 TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! 🙏

🔹Pure and unblemished religion [as it is expressed in outward acts] in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit and look after the fatherless and the widows in their distress, and to keep oneself uncontaminated by the [secular] world.
James 1:27 AMP

Thank you all. Truly touched my heart. God is good!


Tucson, AZ

February, 2021

"I thank the good LORD for making awesome things happen, my 18-year-old daughter received a handbag along with a gift card, what a blessing! I also received a gift card to dunkin donuts. Praise God!"


"Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as for the Lord, not for man" Colosians 3:23

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