Oatmeal, Honey & Poppy Seed Scrub

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OATMEAL, HONEY & POPPY SEED SCRUB is a RUSTIC looking, NATURAL soap bar that can be used on your face or entire body.  It has been double processed.  We make the soap from scratch (cold process) with all natural ingredients.  We  then allow it to cure/dry for a couple of days.  Then we shred it and place it in a warm crock pot adding the activated charcoal.  This process takes another 2-3 hours to create the 'rustic' look to this soap bar.  We then allow it to cure/dry for another 4-6 weeks.   Your skin will love it!!!  This rich lathering bar can be used for oily, dry or sensitive skin. Enjoy!


When you BUY ONE, WE GIVE ONE of our soaps as a Random Act of Kindness to spread hope throughout America.  Thank you for your purchase!


Our Ingredients:

Water, Saponified Oils of Coconut, Olive, Tamanu, Activaited Charcoal, Poppy Seeds, Honey, Oatmeal and the sweet scent of Oatmeal & Honey Fragrance Oil!   5-6 oz. 


All of our soaps are handcrafted in small batches that DO NOT include:* Animal Products* Palm* Phthalate* Paraben or Hydrogenated Oils. None of our soaps are edible - For External Use Only - Keep Out of Eyes and Mouth - Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs - Consult a Physician with Concerns. Please view our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies prior to purchase - by purchasing through our website, you agree to our Terms, Conditions, and Policies. *all rights reserved*


Sensitive Skin - Activated Charcoal


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