Inflammation Fighting Toners


Controlling inflammation is the key to maintaining healthy skin.  You will love our Botanical Splash Collection of all natural astrigents made with the best inflammation fighters proven scientifically to assist with inflammation and fungus that attributes to most skin disorders.  Also, reducing excessive oil on the skins surface, helps to improve complexion.  These effective toners will help reduce oil that can clog your pores.


How to Use our Astringents/Toners:

We recommend use of any of our Activated Charcoal soap bars to detox your skin.  Wash and rinse thoroughly, dab you skin dry, shake the Botanical Splash of your choice before use.  Spray on affected area using a clean washcloth to dab out the excess.  For stubborn skin disorders, we recommend the Peppermint & Eucalyptus formula or the Tea Tree.  Our Lemongrass formula is great to maintain healthy skin tone.  


Our Ingredients:

Distilled water, witch hazel, essential oils.  Available in 2.7 oz.  4.7 oz.

Essential Oil Choice

Sensitive Skin - Activated Charcoal


The Exfoliator - Activated Charcoal


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