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12 Simple Random Acts of Kindness IDEAS:

1.  Purchase a bouquet of flowers and give each flower randomly.

2.  Surprise your child and clean up their room for them.

3.  Send notes of encouragment to friends and family by mail.

4.  Ask if you can help with someone's groceries.

5.  Purchase the person's groceries behind you (make sure the order is not to much for you to pay).

6.  Contact a family you know is low-income and offer to pay a bill for them.

7.  Give a student a FREE gift card to a National Food Chain.

8.  Pay for the meal of the car behind you in the Drive-thru.

9.   If you live in an apartment building, leave a note of encouragement on your neighbors door.

10.  Purchase deserts for your staff or co-worker's.

11. Leave a inspirational note on co-worker's desk.

12. Ask for our FREE Seeds of Hope when you purchase from our Fundraising Soap Shop and give them out daily to strangers.

Be creative!  There are so many ways you can spontaneously give a Random Act of Kindness.  They CAN Save Lives!!!!

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