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Become A Giver of Random

Acts of Kindness

Join us in giving Random Acts of Kindness.  It will change your life and potentially the person you are giving the act of kindness too.   When you purchase from our Fundraising Shop, order our Seeds of Hope that only cost one penny!!!  We will send you a bundle of 100 notes to give freely to your friends, family and co-workers.  Here is 51 Ideas to do Random Acts of Kindness

Become a Monthly Supporter

Currently, we are 100% funded by individual donations.  When you become a monthly financial supporter, it helps us tremendously.  During COVID19, our Street Team was able to complete 21 Outreach Missions of Hope giving FREELY to thousands because of the generosity of our supporters.

Donate Food Restaurant

We give FREELY gift cards from all MAJOR Fast Food Restaurants across the US.  It is by far the recipients favorite free gift! We need thousands to fulfill our mission yearly.  If you would like to send gift cards to help us distribute, please feel free to send them to:


P.O. Box 1404

Mentor, OH  44061

Workplace Fundraiser

 Workplace fundraising is a great way to unite employees while helping a good cause.  If you would like to head up a workplace fundraiser, email us for more information.

Pray for Us

Pray for Us

We believe without prayer and reliance on God's direction and grace, this charitable initiative would not exist.  Pray for our volunteers, board of trustees and director.  Pray that every recipient of our random acts who is suicidal, depressed, lonely, anxious or grieving, would find joy and hope to carry on in their life journey, regardless of their pasts and present challenges. 

Share Us With Your Network

Because of social media, the modern world is able to reach other  regions in one click of a button.  Share our mission with your network of friends and family.  Encourage them to donate and purchase from our online fundraising soap shop.

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Thank You So Much for Getting Involved!

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