What We Do? 

We give Motivational Random Acts of Kindness regardless of race, gender, age or religion.  During the months of April thru December, our Street Team moves about the Greater Cleveland Area setting up our motivational truck randomly giving FREELY to low income areas, shelters and food bank distribution sites.

What We Give?

We give several types of our Detox soap bar formulas that are handcrafted.  They are all formulated with natural, plant base ingredients for all skin types; dry, normal, oily, acne prone skin, eczema and psoriasis.


Detox Soap Bars

100% White Wash Cloths


When we package our Random Act of Kindness soap packages, we include premium, white 100% cotton wash cloths that are free from any dyes that could potentially harm the recipients skin.  Especially those with problem skin.

COURAGE Key Rings & Bracelets


We have been handcrafting our Courage Key Rings and bracelets for many years.  We give them to simply serve as a reminder to the recipient that "Courage is not absent fear, it is denying its power to control you."  With out fail, they are a a great source of inspiration.

Inspirational Journals


Nutritional Foods

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Silver "Courage" Necklace

Never Give UP Wristband

Seeds Of Hope

We have recently added to our "Courage Collection" these beautiful necklaces that are hand assembled by our volunteers.   

There is not enough words to express our experience in giving these silicone bracelets!  People love them and receive them with gladness without fail!

We print our "Seeds of Hope" by the thousands.  They are each hand folded by our volunteers.  We donate these to other charitable organizations and "for profit" businesses to encourage their employees and clients.


We understand that without faith, it is not possible to overcome most challenges in life.  We offer this book freely to the poor and downtrodden as we are made aware of their 'personal' challenges.

Gift Cards


We purchase  gift cards from National Food Restaurants, department stores, gas stations.  These are by far one of the most popular RAK we give.  Its a joy to distribute food cards, people need and love food!

Perfume Oils


When giving to shelters, we include our perfume & cologne body oils to help them fight against body odors.  They are lightly scented and assembled by our volunteers.

Quality Wallets for Single Mom's

Inspirational T Shirts


We shop consignment stores in our area to purchase 'gently' used and new quality wallets that we fill with our 'Seeds of Hope" and a small amount of cash.  We also put our Random Acts Soaps in them!  We target single mothers with these RAK's.

Nothing beats a inspirational Tshirt!  We give our Never Quit, Never Give Up t shirts daily to inspire the receiver to Never Give Up!!!  No matter what!!!



When we visit the shelters, the men and women love to receive candies!

We LOVE sharing fresh flowers, for most, they make the heart smile.


If you would like to donate "In Kind" donations, please contact us at:


or visit our suppliers where you can arrange the purchase of Gift Cards for our charity.

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