What We Do? 

We give Motivational Random Acts of Kindness regardless of race, gender, age or religion.  Our Volunteer Street Team moves about setting up our motivational truck randomly giving FREELY to low income areas, shelters and food bank distribution sites.

What We Give?

Nutritional Foods

We give several types of our Detox soap bar formulas that are handcrafted.  They are all formulated with natural, plant base ingredients for all skin types; dry, normal, oily, acne prone skin, eczema and psoriasis.


Detox Soap Bars

Warm Socks & Footies


One of the most needed undergarments for the homeless is socks!  We give warm winter socks and footies in the summer time.  They are always received with gladness.  We label them "Walk by Faith, Not by Sight,"

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Inspirational Journals


Food Gift Cards

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We purchase  gift cards from National Food Restaurants, department stores, gas stations.  These are by far one of the most popular RAK we give.  Its a joy to distribute food cards, people need and love food!

Wrist Bands
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Inspirational Wristbands

Words of Encouragement

Women love receiving jewelry, especially if they are homeless.  Our volunteers handcraft these necklaces, and we place them inside motivational packaging that says, "Never Give Up Never Quit".

There is not enough words to express our experience in giving these silicone bracelets!  People love them and receive them with gladness without fail!

We print our "Seeds of Hope" by the thousands.  They are each hand folded by our volunteers.  We donate these to other charitable organizations and "for profit" businesses to encourage their employees and clients.

Self Empowerment Books


We understand that without faith, it is not possible to overcome most challenges in life.  We offer this book freely to the poor and downtrodden as we are made aware of their 'personal' challenges.

Inspirational Wall Art

We have been handcrafting our Courage Key Rings and bracelets for many years.  We give them to simply serve as a reminder to the recipient that "Courage is not absent fear, it is denying its power to control you."  With out fail, they are a a great source of inspiration.

Wall Art.jpg

Wallets for Single Mom's


We shop consignment stores in our area to purchase 'gently' used and new quality wallets for single moms.


Butterfly Mask2.jpg

We give a inspirational packaged mask to all recipients of our Random Acts of Kindness.  Our Volunteers hand package them and place motivational affirmations on each one of them.



When we visit the shelters, the men and women love to receive candies and snacks!

Inspirational T Shirts

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Nothing beats a inspirational Tshirt!  We give our Never Quit, Never Give Up t shirts daily to inspire the receiver to Never Give Up, Never Quit!!!  No matter what!!!

Winter Hats, Gloves, Scarves

Hats Gloves.jpg

In the cold months we give warm hats, gloves and scarves.  They are always received with gladness!

Fresh Flowers


In 2014, our Founder, Sharon Johnson gave a woman a fresh flower, she saw the woman again the next day and she revealed she was on her way to commit suicide before Sharon gave her the fresh flower as a Random Act of Kindness.  We continue to give fresh flowers in our outreach.