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Cost of Our Luxury Soap Designs:

We take very serious our craft in soap designing and mixing natural ingredient formulas.  Our prices are set based on three primary factors, the ingredients, the technical difficulty of a design and our mission of hope that we are utilizing our revenue for. 


Our average mission of Random Acts of Kindness provides inspirational gifts to one recipient that cost us at least $24 per person.  This does not include when we gift low income high school students hoodies, hats, gloves and scarves.


Our One-Of-A-Kind-Designs cannot be duplicated or found in "high end" department stores.  They are exclusive and made from certified plant based oils and micas (colorants).  We use the very best ingredients on the market, many are imported from other countries.  We take pride in every bar we craft.


We encourage our consumer to remember their last visit to a fast food restaurant, where the average person spends $8-$12 for food they will eat in 10 minutes. You can purchase one of our luxury soaps for more or less and it will last at least 3-6 weeks depending on how much you use it.

We need your help to keep on giving throughout America.  We are changing lives one soap bar at a time.  Please consider becoming a regular donor each month.  This would help us tremendously as we plan to continue crusading America's inner city neighborhoods. 


Shipping Costs:

We have no control over the price of shipping our products by Priority Mail.  The United States Postal Service has constantly increased their rates.  We do our best to fit all of your products CAREFULLY inside of a standard, flat rated, padded envelope.

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