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Eagles Don't Fly With Pigeons

Eagles Don't Fly With Pigeons


EAGLES DON'T FLY WITH PIGEONS is crafted with activated charcoal, real pebble stones and sea salt on top for decor.  It is a high lather soap bar crafted to remind you to 'choose' your influencers!  Never be desparate for companionship lest you overlook 'red flags' that can harm you later in the relationship.  Be wise, be strong, BE DETERMINED!  We have stamped  'DETERMINATION' on every bar as a reminder, without it, you fall prey to pigeons, people who are going no where and don't want you to either.



Water, Saponified Oils of Coconut, Olive, Almond, Castor, Activated Charcoal, Pebble Stones, Dead Sea Salt. Tropical Beach Fragrance Oil.  6.5+oz Bar

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