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Five Reasons You Should Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

1. It Slows Down Aging 

As we get older, the skin does not eliminate dead skin cells as it does when we are younger.  Exfoliating removes dirt and that old dead skin leaving your skin smooth and looking brighter.

2. Gets Rid of Dead Cells & Flakes

Most people who have flaky skin, simply need to exfoliate to remove the build up.  Cleansing the skin daily with a gentle exfoliater will do wonders.  No more flakes!


3. Soothes Itchiness 
Itchy skin can cause damage to your epidermis when you vigorously scratch.  Instead, take yourself a nice warm bath or shower and exfoliate!  Don't  forget to apply our Pomegranate Serum!  Its ALL NATURAL with Vitamin E to help soothe your skin.

4. Fights Dandruff

Nothing can be worse than seeing someone with flakes falling from their scalp and clothing!  All they need is a good ole body and scalp scrub!  And, don't forget to moisturize!

5. Can Reduce Acne Breakouts

Scrubbing your skin and scalp from time to time encourages a deep cleanse to remove oil and dirt, this helps to prevent pimples, white heads – and acne breakouts.

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