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Learn the basics of Soap Making at Our Soap Kitchen Near Cleveland, Ohio
If you want to start a new business, enjoy a unique family bonding session, learn a gift making hobby or start a random act of kindness movement with your organization making handmade soap, fill out the form below and LET'S GET STARTED SOAPING!!!

Personal Training Available In

Soap Making


Cold Process - All Natural

4 Hour Hands-On Training

Cold Process (CP) is making soap from scratch.  We will help you with overcoming any fear of working with lye and teach you hands-on safety precautions; the importance of sanitation; how to calculate recipes with different natural oils such as olive, coconut, palm and others.  You will make your own soap with step-by-step instructions.

Supply Application

4 Hour Hands-On Training

You will learn how to use natural colorants, essential oils and fragrance oils that are less likely to discolor your MP and CP soaps, and knowledge of those that cause acceleration in your CP soap making.  We will teach you how to re-batch and give you a HANDS ON experience of 'soap seizing', this is when the soap hardens in seconds after adding fragrance oil.  We will give you all of our wholesale suppliers contacts to find the best buys and products for your endeavors.

Melt & Pour

4 Hour Hands-On Training

Melt and Pour (MP) is making soap from manufactured soap base that allows the soap maker to bypass the cold process.  You will learn 'embedding' techniques and how to design large batches of MP; the importance of color and fragrance additive knowledge.  You will design your own batch of soap to take home with you (12 three-four oz. bars).


4 Hour Hands-On Training

You will learn cost effective ideas to wrap and distribute your soaps, whether you desire to retail them or give them as Random Acts of Kindness.  Marketing strategies are essential to letting everyone know what you have created, we will share some great ideas that will help you put your best foot forward in marketing and maximizing seasonal market trends.  Don't let your soap sit if you are already a Soaper!  Get some FRESH ideas that will jump start your enthusiasm and love for soaping!

The Victory & Hope Room

Resting Accommodations

Available for Our

Out-of-Town Guest

For More Information, Email us!

Thank You! We will be in contact with you very soon!

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